"Help us do better in school. That makes the biggest difference."


That statement, said by a group of girls from a disadvantaged community in Delhi,
is why we exist.

Because they were right.

Education is the greatest investment we can make in an individual and in India. It has the potential to give every kid the tools, skills, knowledge and abilities they will one day need to join in India's economy and pull themselves permanently out of poverty.

But far too many students, though in school, are not learning. They are being left behind.

Jumpspark Students succeed.

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JumpSpark partners with the single greatest determiner of a students success, the teacher, and together we transform their classrooms.

Content, training, accreditation, analytics - we thought big and bold and built a learning platform that improves upon every aspect of the classroom that effects how well kids learn.

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JumpSpark focuses on primary education, grades 4 - 8, because this is where kids fall behind.

By helping them catch-up and then race ahead to the front of the class we stop the problem before it begins.

It is in these years that kids learn
The Fundamentals, the foundational blocks on which everything else is built. By helping kids learn these exceptionally well, we guarantee they have the knowledge and understanding they'll need to succeed in the future.



We know how Indian kids learn.

We've been working with kids and in communities for years. 

So after we went global, bringing together the best ideas and thinking in education we used that experience to make JumpSpark hyper local and relevant for the millions of kids who live in India's urban centres and the teachers who teach them. 

 The Classroom of the Future isn't where we replace the teacher with a screen but where we give teachers superpowers. Where classrooms are no longer disconnected islands in the ocean but using technology are connected to the world and teachers have access to the best classroom we all can create together.

In the end the biggest winners are the students. 

JumpSpark students do so much better in school. 33.21% better in 6 months to be precise. Mission = check.

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JumpSpark is an Indian Social Enterprise and is proud to be a part of the ElevateX Innovation Lab. 

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